Snowga with Jonas

For those of you living in the Northeast U.S., I don't have to tell you that I've been snowed in since Friday night. For the rest of you, I'm sure you have been hearing about it plenty from anyone and everyone you know who was in the storm's path. Lots of travel plans cancelled, flights and trains delayed, and hours upon hours of shoveling our cars out of the heavy, wet snow. 

Blizzards like this have always been kind of a crazy-maker for me. I get a little restless if I don't leave the house much, and I get a lot antsy when I know I can't use the roads. In addition, my exercise and yoga routines get thrown out the window when something like this happens. 

I'd love to connect with you on Instagram:   @raglande

I'd love to connect with you on Instagram: @raglande

Fortunately, I was snowed in with plenty of stretchy pants and a yoga mat so I enjoyed plenty of home practice during the weekend. By Monday, though, I was ready to brave the elements to go to an honest-to-goodness STUDIO with OTHER PEOPLE! 

The neighborhood roads were not cleared yet, and I was not about to try to find parking downtown, so I packed a bag, laced up my boots, and trekked to a different studio location that I don't often go to. I got to practice with a teacher I've never met, shake up my normal Monday routine, and bask in the relatively empty classroom. 

My back and arms were pretty tired from spending so much of the weekend with a shovel in my hand, so a hot class with hip and shoulder openers ended up being just what the doctor ordered. We were also gently reminded by teacher Alex d'Agostino that yoga arms us with the tools we need to react to the unexpected - e.g., this massive snow dump that left many of us homebound, bored, stressed, and tired. 

While I'm still no shoveling fan, I did find plenty about this snowy weekend to enjoy: listening to little kids' shrieks of delight as they sledded down the hill, watching neighborhood dogs sniff tentatively or roll around in the fresh powder, and spending time with the neighbors as we all got to work on digging our cars out. There was something comforting about how none of us could really go anywhere. We practiced contentment and gratitude in our warm homes this weekend.


How was your weekend? Did you do any "snowga"? If so, leave a comment with links to your IG or twitter pics!